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Green Flash 33

Green Flash ORC 33 lanzado con suceso!

Ya está en el agua nuestro mas reciente proyecto de velero de competición, el Green Flash ORC33. Esa nueva regla fue idealizada en el concepto de caja de zapato (box rule) donde son especificadas algunas medidas máximas y mínimas dejando el proyectista con total libertad para diseñar el mejor barco posible dentro de eses limites, sin tener de se preocupar con ratings y mediciones complicadas que terminan por limitar su desempeño. Como resultado se obtiene barcos veloces y excitantes de velejar, que irán agradar los regatistas más exigentes.

El “Bicho Grilo” fue proyectado por nuestra oficina y construido por el propietario, João de Deus Assis, y comienza a despertar gran interés internacional, como podemos constatar por los dos artículos publicados recientemente en el sitio de la ORC ( , que reproducimos a seguir:

New ORC GP 33 boat launched (20/08/2008)

New ORC GP 33 class boat has been launched in Brazil. Joao de Deus Assis Filho built her himself together with his son and workers at JS Fiber Boat Yard. It is a Roberto Barros (B & G Yacht Design) project with his office now in Perth, Australia. The boat is located in Joinville - Santa Catarina State in south Brazil.

Interview with Joao de Deus Assis, GP 33 owner and builder

Interest in the GP 33’s is rapidly expanding across the globe, with the completion of a Nelson/Marek design for Japan and the latest launch announced by Joao de Deus Assis in Brazil. Joao has shared some thoughts with us on his new boat:

What are the specifications of your boat (length, draft, beam, upwind sail area, downwind sail area, displacement, ballast)?
My boat has the same specifications of the ORC GP 33 Class, but as the construction began in 2006, it has both a spinnaker pole and also a bowsprit. My upwind sail area is 63 m2 and the asymmetric spinnaker has only 104 m2. I don’t have a scale to know the total weight of the boat, but the construction was with Divinicell and Epoxy resin from Barracuda. The ballast and the keel weighs 1050 kg and the max draft is 1.90 m.

What materials were used to build the boat and the spar?
Divinicell, Epoxy and biaxial cloth were used in the hull and aluminum in the mast and boom. The rudder axle is of hard aluminum with self aligning roller bearings made by Nautos.

Why did you choose to build a GP 33? What did you like about the box rule?
My son and I like racing, but instead of buying an old used boat, putting some good sails on it and going racing, that boat would always be an used boat with all the problems of old boats. My son said to me: Why don't you, with all the knowledge with Fiberglass that you have, built your own boat? That was the beginning… I started looking for a project at the end of 2005. First, I contacted Alan Andrews several times but had no answer. Mark Mills was kind but the price was too expensive for me. Volker has an IMS 29 that I like, but the project was not complete. Then I knew from a friend in my town that he had a project in this new class (the ORC GP 33) from Roberto Barros. I went to his house to learn about and see this project. It was exactly what I was looking for!

So in January 2006 I bought the design and in May I started to built the boat. Exactly 2 years later the boat was launched to go to my club to complete the installation of the fin bulb, mast and all the fittings. The Box Rule is very simple: all the boats are similar and racing is boat-on-boat. I also race IOM-International One Metre radio-controlled yachts and it is also very competitive.

What kind of sailing are you planning to do, and where?
I intend to measure in ORCi and compete in Florianopolis - Santa Catarina and in the next Rolex Ilhabela Race Week.

Have you found the boat to perform to your expectations?
Before the first trials I was very nervous about the boat’s reactions, but I was impressed after the first mile of sailing with 10 kts of wind where we were making 6 kts of speed upwind and with only 3 persons onboard. The reations of the boat are great. The rudder is neutral and the response is immediate.

Any other comments?
I advise every one who wants to built a sailboat to think about seriously about the ORC GP 33.

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