Just wanted to say that y'all did a great job getting your boat ready for sailing... what an excellent job... and feeling of accomplishment, as well!!! I am hoping at some point to build a small catamaran 28 -30 feet... sail and live aboard it. Time will tell what happens. Just getting an idea what is out there in my price range and is a home build.

I liked the idea of putting styrofoam in the boat... I was wondering if it were a wood boat/epoxy/fiberglass, could one just glue the foam right to the hull. I am assuming with the aluminum boat you needed some airflow between the foam and the side, for air circulation..? Also, what type of material was that that you covered the foam with.... it was nice and white/shinny... I liked that material. Thanks for your help. : )

Anyway... just wanted to send my congratulation to both of you on an excellent job building your boat!

Take care,

Dear Roberto

Very many thanks for the study plans. I have been out on site for the last two days so have only just opened your email. I like to study plans for a little while just to familiarise myself but the plans are excellent and I have no concerns.

I certainly do not profess to be any sort of expert but I have so far built 5 dinghies of various sizes and construction (sailing catamarans, dinghies and my last one is a canoe (sailing rig when required). I have just finished building two outriggers for my canoe for when I sail it in winds above force 3-4, a somewhat hairy experience!!

I am very impressed not only with your website which I find to be informative, inspiring and easy to navigate around but also with your plans.

I am honestly really excited about the prospect of building the Pantanal 25. Would it be possible to send me the building manual as well, it would be greatly appreciated. I need to sell my current boat, one I did not build myself, so I can start on this project. She is 22ft long, somewhat slow but a great sea boat. However I begrudge the charges that I pay to the boat yard for winter layup and have to travel a 60 mile round trip to carry out maintenance!

It's fortunate that I came across your website as although I had already decided to build a trailer sailer, the design I had chosen was very much a compromise and although I love building boats and sailing them, it was not really a design that I had tremendous enthusiasm for but it was the best of an indifferent bunch of designs.

I love the lines of the Pantanal 25 and can already visualise the admiring glances that I know she will receive, even better to build her myself and the joy of sailing her.

Sorry to ramble on! Look forward to hearing from you .
Regards John