Explorer 39 Caroll. Lecture in Rio de Janeiro Boat Show

On the April, 15, 2012, Raimundo Nascimento, our latest client to accomplish a round the world voyage aboard a B & G designed cruising sailboat, the Explorer 39 Caroll, gave a sensational lecture to the visitors of the Rio Boat Show, telling the adventures of his astonishing fast round the world trip, accomplished in ten months and five days.

Raimundo testing the sound before the lecture. A few moments later the auditorium was crowded. It is amazing how he managed to transmit to the audience the feeling that his circum-navigation in solitary was a walk-over, and that even when he had been chased by pirates in the Indian Ocean, he managed to get rid of them, thanks to the ten knots top speed of his vessel.

I went to the boat show with a curiosity in mind: how would be the new site chosen for the event, the old buildings of the Rio de Janeiro docks, the place intended to become the hub of Rio entertainment during the 2016 Olympic Games. In my opinion the choice was a failure. The impression I had was that the old port installations isn’t suitable for this kind of event. There was a heavy swell that day; the floating pier built along the docks, so the yachts could station in Mediterranean style with their sterns accessed by gang-planks, budged so much that visitors had to hold the grab-rails not to fall in the drink. The situation was so awkward that those with light stomachs had to be careful not to get queasy.

The Explorer 39 project manager Luis Gouveia, in a vacation trip with the family, flew from Perth, Australia, to Rio, when he visited Estaleiro Estrutural, the boatyard where Caroll was being built. On that occasion the construction was almost concluded. In this photo he is inspecting the pivoting keel mechanism, with the swinging keel already installed, tucked in its case.

The tycoons of the nautical world, the multinationals of the business, blocked their booths to anyone who didn’t posses an account in a fiscal paradise, or belonged to a royal family, so not even the floating pier had free access along its whole length. The true lover of the cruising life the most he could do was visiting a few series production sailboats, those that hardly anyone in good mental health would choose to go to Cape Horn, the vast majority of crafts exposed being high speed yachts. Definitively the new address missed the nautical atmosphere of the former place, the municipal Marina da Gloria, a place with tradition in nautical events.

Luis Gouveia took his sons with him when he visited Caroll. Here they are trying the dinette’s u-shaped sofa. The saloon placed abaft the companionway ladder is a trade mark of the project. The engine case is the base for the social table, a solution we had successfully used in another of our projects, the Cape Horn 35.

Back to the lecture subject, it was there where those who dream with long distance cruising found any return for the entrance ticket. At least in that room there was somebody to tell how it is to break loose and do what your soul is calling for.

The Explorer 39 interior layout is intended for living aboard in offshore passages with plenty of comfort even when sailing in tough conditions.

It was a pleasure seeing common people, some of them being young couples, others being middle aged sailors dreaming with their retirement, making questions on how it is to sail around the world, how much it costs monthly, how difficult is the Panama Canal transit, which boat is more adequate for a long range trip, and so on...From my part I was very grateful to Raimundo, who only had nice words about the Explorer 39 project. For a sixty-two years old person who had just completed a cancer treatment before departure, circling the globe in ten months and five days in a flawless trip is quite a feat. Good for us that the boat was up to his expectations, allowing him to make his dream come true.

You will find more details about Caroll’s round the world voyage in a report published in our news: Explorer 39 Caroll completes a round the world trip.

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