Multichine 31 - The power of fate

When we developed the MC 31 cruising sailboat stock plan, we could never dream that so many cruising sailors would elect this boat as the yacht of their lives. Every time we decide to produce a new design we inevitably have to face the same challenge: having to provide maximum comfort and performance for a minimum cost. As the old saying assures, " there is no free lunch" . To obtain a comfortable, seaworthy, cruising yacht, one must be either well-off, or be willing to eke out his own boat, building it himself. None of these two options is necessarily a bed of roses; however, our long experience tells us that, in average, the happiest group among our clients is that of the amateur builders.

The impressive interior volume of the MC31 is, perhaps, the decisive factor for so many of our clients choosing this design as the yacht of their lives. Render:

Last week we received this nice e-mail from Luca Di Agostino, a client of ours who is building a MC 31 in Italy. He wanted a 3D drawing of the fin-keel for the production of the mould using CNC technology. Since this is the trend anywhere, we were pleased to make the plans for him at no cost, enhancing the standard of our design, and doing so making a new friend in Italy, while upgrading the stock plans. Read the e-mail he sent us:

Dear Sirs,

I bought your "Multichine 31" plans about three years ago, and together with my father we've almost completed the main part of the work (maybe in autumn our boat will be ready). A photo reportage will be online soon.

Now we've contacted several "foundry companies" for the realization of the cast iron fin keel with the drawings included with the plans, but all of them kept asking us for the "3D model" of the keel, since they don't understand some parts of the sections (as we do) and the cost for the achievement of the male model without a 3D file is very high. So I ask you, if possible, to provide us the three-dimensional model of the fin-keel to make the work well-done. Thank you in advance.


The rendered figure of the MC31 fin-keel produced from the project' s 3D drawings. Photoshop: Murilo Almeida

The MC31 builders' community is spread in many countries. However we keep a closer contact mainly with the ones who produced blogs to relate their own construction sagas. We are so certain that they are allured with their enterprises that we feel quite rewarded for having contributed for their achievements, no matter how small our contribution might have been. We like learning from them the hurdles they had to overcome during the construction, and to know if they became pleased with the result of their work. For our good luck we only have reports of happy builders up to now.

The MC31 is a boat basically designed for amateur or custom construction. Since the difference of cost between a thirty-five foot sailboat and a thirty-one foot is so huge, why not designing a thirty-one footer with the volume of thirty-five one? Photoshop:

We are always willing to know about the feats accomplished by our builders. Every so often we are publishing an article written by one of our clients, be it of a short weekend cruise, or a voyage around the world. However Lady Luck didn' t present us with a special cruise accomplished by any MC31 owner yet. Nevertheless, considering the temptation these boats produce in one' s mind, we are pretty confident it is only a matter of time for an outstanding sailing adventure being accomplished by a MC 31.

Can you believe this boat is only thirty-one footer? It has an interior volume comparable to boats three or four feet longer. Rendered figure:

We produced a list of cruising sailboat stock plans employing various choices of building materials and heaps of different sizes for the cruising community to choose, be it according to personal preference or cash availability. However what is common to all our projects is an almost fanatical concern about seaworthiness and sturdiness, and in this respect we are adamant in designing scantlings for those who prefer to be on the safe side, even though we may assume the risk of being considered a bit too conservative by some outsiders. Notwithstanding, if we are challenged about this issue, we take remarks like this as compliments, since there is no better feeling when being at sea, alone, or with your family and friends, than trusting in your boat absolutely, come hell or high water.

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