Pop Alu 32, Kiribati 36and Multichine 41 SK: Pre-cut kits available for the amateur builder

Our cliente Jean Abreu Machado is making available through his boatyard North Metalúrgica (http://www.northmetalurgica.com) pre-cut kits that can make may amateur boat builder's dreams come. Complete pre-cut kits for the Pop Alu 32, Kiribati 36 and Multichine 41 SK can be ordered and shipped from his facilities in the Southern Brazilian City of Tubarao.

Watch the vídeo below and see how today's aluminum boat building can be much more a reality than a dream:

Jean equipped his boatyard with a Plasma CNC cutting machine, and besides building his own Pop Alu 32, will offer boats to his clients in several stages of completion, from kits to a finished sail away boat.

The cutting table at North Metalúrgica is sized to allow for economical usage of the aluminum plates

With a pre-cut kit the time between deciding to buy a set of plans and having a complete hull and deck ready to start the interior fit-out can be greatly reduced. The building process is also a very clean one, generating very little waste and dust, a must to keep the neighbors happy.

The new technology in welding machines is also another factor helping the amateur or beginner's in aluminum boatbuilding. We often hear the phrase - "but aluminum welding is difficult", but in fact this affirmation has been true only in the past. Today we have welding machines that control the parameters in order to correct unsteady movements from the welding torch, have programed parameters specific for aluminum and so on.

A plate showing the parts already cut

Another option is to pre-assemble the boat with tack welds and then hire a specialized welder for the most demanding and critical welds, as in fact happens with a lot of amateur boat builders that use other materials, something similar to bringing in a professional fiberglass layer on a plywood coated with epoxy and glass fiber hull.

A transverse structure section for the Pop Alu 32

We expect to see the fleet of aluminum boats from our design range to grow considerably with so many exciting possibilities being offered to the builders. We can use our own experience to back the fact that aluminum hulls are very easy to keep and offer peace of mind. Our Kiribati 36 Green Nomad has been in the water without hauling out since February 2010, and as we have unpainted underwater patches, where the anodes are mounted, we can see that the material is completely unchanged, attesting out confidence in the material used.

A Pop Alu 32 takes shape at North Metalurgica

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