Pop 25 - class hull turning over season - Part II

Good news for the Pop 25 class. Those builders who turned their hulls recently are progressing at full throttle in the construction of the interior, while those who have their hulls almost finished are getting ready for the turning over operation. One example is Konquest, being built in Santa Catarina, Brazil, by Marcelo Schürhaus.

Konquest after receiving the first coach of epoxy primer. Marcelo Schurhaus is craving for turning over his boat to start a new phase in the construction. Courtesy: Marcelo Schürhaus.

Marcelo is the brave builder who is making his boat on the slab of his house garage. The minimum forgetfulness and he will have to face a three meters fall. Now that his boat is technically ready to be turned over, we are going to follow with curiosity how the turning over manoeuvre will be carried on. Marcelo and his family have ambitious plans for Konquest. It is their intention to have the boat launched before the end of this year, with plans for offshore sailing soon after. We keep close contact with him and can only congratulate his family for the beautiful work they are accomplishing.


Rancho Alegre is a Pop 25 being built with maximum commitment in Porto Alegre, South Brazil. It seems that her owner, Francisco Aydos, is building her as if the great pleasure were the construction in itself. The result, as it couldn’t be different, is a sight for sore eyes.

Rancho Alegre is a Pop 25 that had its hull turned over very recently. Our client Francisco Aydos must love the smell of wood in everything he does. He is building his boat inside such a cosy wooden ranch that the name he chose for the boat has everything to do with the atmosphere of the place. Courtesy: Francisco Aydos


Another Pop 25 that is showing impressive progress in its construction is Solaris. This boat had its hull turned over in December 2012. In the beginning of March the interior is practically concluded, missing the last touches of finishing, like installing trims and rails and completing painting and bright-work. Another benchmark in the history of the class is the Electroprop 5.5k/w electric motor our client, Fernando Santos, has already installed. Since this is one of the highlights of the project, it is a blessing that soon we will have consistent data about the performance of the boat when being propelled by this motor, All other Pop 25 fans are watching with curiosity to see how Solaris will do with its new toy.

Solaris has its interior being built in a fast pace. The person in the photo is the designer Murilo Almeida, one of the authors of the project. Photo: Murilo Almeida


Hayal is being built in Turkey. His owner Selim Karahan turned the hull over in the beginning of March. There are several other Pop 25 builders in Turkey, but up to now only Selim reported about how his work is progressing. Courtesy: Selim Karahan

One of the advantages of the Pop 25 hull is the easiness to plaster the topsides for painting. Selim preferred to take care of the bottom of the hull only, since the upside-down position is incomparably easier to sand the bottom, leaving the fairing of the topsides for further ahead, and this way opening a new front of work in the interior of the boat. He edited a blog with link from our site where you can follow all the steps of his construction.


Mandala is a Pop 25 being constructed in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. Her owner, Marcelo Bonilla, started a new business intending to produce complete kits of the project for the local market and overseas. He already obtained the first two orders and the interest for his service is widespread. Courtesy: Marcelo Bonilla.

One of the most determined Pop 25 builders is Marcelo Bonilla, from Santa Catarina, Brazil. Besides building Mandala for his family leisure, he started a kit producing business so successful that no sooner the service was put available he already got two orders, the first one already being delivered.


There is one Pop 25 which is almost concluded. This boat is Horus, being built in City Bell, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her builder, Daniel D’Angelo must be planning to launch his boat by now. Courtesy: Daniel D’Angelo

If the Pope is Argentinean and the best football player is Leonel Messi, for us Daniel D’Angelo looks like to be the champion of the world in the task of completing the construction of the first Pop 25 to go sailing.


We are grateful to our builders who are publishing blogs about their constructions. We have been informed about the interest of other Pop 25 enthusiasts who follow regularly the progress of each boat in the blog’s list. Many of them contact us just to comment about the latest news of the class. It is to those supporters that we dedicate our efforts.

The Pop 25 was the boat we designed with the intention of providing a bridge between the dreams of those who wish to sail to distant places and the difficulty of owning a proper yacht capable of sailing to anywhere. The work of our builders complements ours.

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