Samoa 28 - The ultimate cruising sailboat

B & G Yacht Design is traditionally known for its involvement with cruising sailboat projects. Since the beginning of the company, in the late eighties, our team had the desire to help dreamers of all ages to be able of going offshore in crafts that could be trusted of coping with whatever surprise the weather had to offer.

Being seasoned long distance cruising sailors with several offshore passages in our curriculum, we had a good idea of what really matters when you are accomplishing an overseas passage, or when having to endure extremely harsh weather conditions.

The Samoa 28 is simple to be sailed. Its 110% overlap n° 1 Genoa fitted with furling gear in a 7/8 fractional rig is extremely easy to be tacked by a short-handed crew. Courtesy: Bernardo Sampaio

This article intends to highlight some of the aspects of the boat that might interest cruising sailors who want to live aboard and accomplish offshore passages. Building a yacht is an amusing challenge, but nothing like sailing in a boat that you saw her to be born to give you a unique sensation of achievement. If this boat is up to your expectations, then all the efforts were worthwhile.

Terrius was one of the firsts Samoa 28 to sail. The information her owner, Bernardo Sampaio, passed us about the general behaviour of the boat were the best possible. Nothing like the word of a happy owner to confirm that the studio produced a successful design. Courtesy: Bernardo Sampaio.

Recently we received an e-mail from Bernardo Sampaio with the following words:

We are using our boat almost all weekends. It is our beach house.
We can point some of the advantages of the project when comparing to other boats of the same size. Superior headroom, the space inside the heads being second to none, the comfort in the aft cabin, the wide stern scoop, never mentioning the profusion of lockers and storing space, having in mind the boat is only a twenty-eight footer. Our fresh water capacity has no comparison with other boats we find in anchorages…

The interior of Terrius is as snug as a bug in a rug. Courtesy: Bernardo Sampaio

The Samoa 28 is an authentic battleship. The most important decision we had to take when programming the type of boat we wanted to design was about the building method we would adopt. We wanted the boat to be easy to be constructed, while being strong and seaworthy. We chose the “sandwich of strip-planking building method” for constructing the hull and the “plywood/epoxy construction technique” for the superstructure.

This was a fortunate choice. The boat proved to be easy to be built; the strip allowed designing a round-bilge hull, the preference of many, while the sandwich combination provided immense rigidity to the hull. The plywood/epoxy interior and superstructure was found to be within the reach of even an inexperienced amateur to make it, and the final result was that of obtaining a good-looking, long lasting, seaworthy and comfortable sailboat.

The “sandwich of strip-planking building method” is the first reason for the Samoa 28 class success. The hull is relatively light, very strong, and is within the reach of the amateur to build it. Courtesy: Bernardo Sampaio

Strip-planking hull construction is an acclaimed building method, while sandwich lamination offers unequalled rigidity. Even though the boat had been specified for using wooden strips as core material, there is no restriction in employing PVC foam planks in the place of the wooden strips. Another advantage of the system is the fact that the specifications don’t require internal framing.

It didn’t take long for the project to attract the attention of sailors from different places who wished to build a boat in that range of size. The boat is making an impressive career since its introduction, now having builders in five continents.

The interior layout of the Samoa 28 is what can be considered the most functional for this size of sailboat to live aboard for long periods. The boat being very stable enhances the comfort below decks when sailing in bad weather.

Some of our clients edited blogs to report the progress of their constructions, these blogs being a good incentive to other builders. They are listed in our page of links, first column from the left: Sirius, Caprichoso, Furioso, Baleia and Paloma. Sirius is sailing since a long time, while Caprichoso, Furioso and Baleia are in the last stages of construction. Paloma started the construction more recently and is still building the hull. We intend to write articles about the launching of each one of these boats, as we already had the pleasure of doing when Sirius, the first Samoa 28 to be finished, was inaugurated. Other builders who wish to make blogs about their constructions can count on us to include them in our list of links.

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