A New Collaboration Deal in Australia

We are beginning a collaboration agreement with Plate Alloy, a company specialised in producing aluminium kits for pleasure crafts intended for amateur construction. The plant, established in Melbourne, is especially renowned for its easy to build boat kits ant its welding school. We are confident that the inclusion of some of our sailboat designs in their stock plans list may represent a great lift in the construction of our aluminium designs in Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and South East Asia, while, on the other hand increasing the company’s scope of customers, since they are working exclusively with motor boats.

Plate Alloy, from Melbourne, will produce sailboat kits for amateur construction from some of our designs.

Plate Alloy is specialized on numerical cutting of aluminium sheets, providing several pre-cut kits of small powerboats for amateur construction.

The owner, John Pontifex, commented with a common friend that he have been thinking about offering yacht kits since a long time. This common friend introduced our website to John and when he saw our designs he felt he had found what he was looking for, and shortly after contact us.

All kits offered by Plate Alloy come with an illustrated building manual showing details of the assembly of each piece, besides providing lots of important information for the amateur builders. Since B & G Yacht Design believes this is the right way to go when working for the amateur builder, our joined efforts have every chance to obtain excellent results.

Two powerboat models built from the Plate Alloy kits.

We will start our partnership with three designs, the already acclaimed Kiribati 36, the new model Pop Alu 32, our bet in offshore cruising sailboat design of affordable cost, and finally our next design to be launched, the daysailer Pop Star 21, also to be included in the packet. The Kiribati 36 has already shown its market potential, with two serious customers interested in the kits even before the announcement of the partnership. Plate Alloy can also provide CNC cutting of aluminium for other designs from our list of stock plans, like the Multichine 41SK and the Polar 50, for instance. We are so confident on this type of construction that we may convert other designs initiallyspecified for building in steel, like the Multichine 45 and Curruira 42, to include the aluminium version of these boats.

Luis Gouveia, the B & G Yacht Design director, and John Pontifex at the Plate Alloy facility in Melbourne.

Other interesting services Plate Alloy has to offer are courses of boat building and aluminium welding. The courses start with basic notions of welding, welding machine operation, welding equipments, materials and other important information, essential for those who have the intention of building their own boats. Since the students begin to have real welding practice working on simple joints from the first day on, as their skills improve they go through more complex joints and techniques. When the practice time is over and the students have confidence on their welding skills, they move on to the next part, to assemble and weld the pieces of one of the kits produced by Plate Alloy. By the end of the course all the welding is accomplished and the boat is ready for completion. Usually the courses last for five days and the students leave with all the knowledge they need to finish the construction of their own aluminium boats.

A boat built by the students during the aluminium welding and boatbuilding course at Plate Alloy.

Three different welding and boat building classes set for the classic graduation photo after the conclusion of the construction. Photo: John Pontifex.

For those who are interested in having more information about Plate Alloy and the services they have to offer, their website is: www.plate alloy.com.au

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