Pop 25 - Horus is the first boat of the class to be finished

Now it’s for real. We received an e-mail from our Argetinean friend Daniel D’Angelo, from City Bell, Buenos Aires, telling us that the Pop 25 Horus he is bulding with the assistance of his partner Alejandro is nearly completed and is scheduled to be sailing during the first days of October. It’s only missing to install keels and rudders which are already made, awaiting the arrival of the boat at the club to be installed, using the club’s crane for that. Daniel is going to be the first person to conclude the first unit of one of our designs for the second time. The first occasion was when he launched the Samoa 28 Sirius, a few monthes before the second boat of the class went into the water. This time, however, it is a tighter race, other boats being in Horus wake, as is the case of Solaris, being built in Rio de Janeiro, Rancho Alegre, being made by Francisco Aydos, from Porto Alegre, Brazil, Konquest, a joint construction by the brothers Marcelo and Vandeli Schurhaus, under construction in Santa Catarina, Brazil and Hayal, being built in Turkey.

Horus was in this state of construction in August 2013. By now she must be practically concluded, ready to be launched. Courtesy: Daniel D’Angelo.

The day Horus will go for its first sail will be a landmark for us. The reason for that resides in the fact that the Pop 25 was designed having in mind opening the doors for the less well off to have a truly offshore cruising sailboat, capable of enterprising any sort of cruising in safety and comfort. The design intention of contemplating a simplified construction of an unsinkable boat with efficient thermal insulation is reason for optimism from our part, that of affording the freedom that only the endless sea can provide. You can follow Horus construction accessing its blog which is joined to Daniel’s previous constructions blogs: www.velerosirius.com.ar, or clicking in Pop 25 Horus in our page of links, left column.

Since other constructions will not take long to be finished, we hope soon the class will be firmly established. What’s cool among our clients is the great enthusiasm in building their boats. From October on we will know how far we have attained the features we intended to provide the boat with: an offshore cruising sailboat within the scope of the amateur builder capable of democratizing the sport of cruising under sail.

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