Price List

Model Plans Study Plans CNC Plans
Dinghy Caravela 1.7 Free Project ---- ----
Dinghy Caravela 2.5 AUD$120 ---- ----
Dinghy Andorinha AUD$240 ---- ----
Little Nomad AUD$120 ---- CNC Files Included
Pop 20 AUD$300 AUD$30 ----
Pop Star 21 AUD$500 ---- CNC Files Included
Pop 25 AUD$300 AUD$30 ----
Pop Alu 28 AUD$800 AUD$50 CNC Files Included
Pop Alu 32 AUD$1,200 AUD$65 CNC Files Included
Green Flash Microtonner AUD$470 AUD$40 ----
Diamond 6.0 AUD$470 AUD$40 ----
Brasileirinho 6.0 AUD$500 AUD$50 ----
Multichine 23 AUD$350 AUD$30 ----
Green Flash ILC 25 AUD$1,750 AUD$170 ----
Pilotina 25 AUD$470 AUD$40 ----
Pantanal 25 AUD$470 AUD$40 ----
Multichine 26C AUD$470 AUD$40 ----
Bora Bora 28 AUD$700 AUD$70 ----
Samoa 28 AUD$590 AUD$50 ----
Multichine 28 AUD$590 AUD$50 ----
Southern Voyager 28 AUD$590 AUD$50 ----
Multichine 31 AUD$650 AUD$60 *
Green Flash IMS 31 AUD$3,500 AUD$350 ----
Green Flash ORC 33 AUD$3,000 AUD$300 ----
Curruira 33 AUD$750 AUD$75 ----
Samoa 34 AUD$1,170 AUD$110 ----
Multichine 34/36 AUD$940 AUD$90 *
Cabo Horn 35 MKII AUD$1,290 AUD$120 ----
Multichine 36SK AUD$1,460 AUD$140 *
Samoa 36 AUD$1,290 AUD$120 ----
Kiribati 36 AUD$1,250 AUD$120 AUD$2,000
Southern Voyager 38 AUD$1,460 AUD$140 ----
Explorer 39 AUD$2,340 AUD$230 ----
Aventura 40 AUD$2,340 AUD$230 ----
Cabo Horn 40 AUD$2,340 AUD$230 ----
Multichine 41 AUD$3,500 AUD$350 ----
Multichine 41 SK AUD$3,500 AUD$350 AUD$3,500
Curruira 42 AUD$2,920 AUD$290 ----
Polar 43 AUD$5,250 AUD$520 ----
Multichine 45 AUD$4,670 AUD$460 ----
Multichine 45 SK AUD$5,250 AUD$520 ----
Polar 50(*) AUD$7,000 AUD$700 ----
Polar 65 AUD$14,000 AUD$1,400 ----
Southern Cross 77 AUD$15,150 AUD$1,510 ----

(*) CNC drawings for transverse framing included at no additional cost.


- The plans are delivered electronically in PDF files.
- All prices are quoted in Australian dollars. For reference of the currency conversion please visit the following site:

Study Plans

The study plans consist of three to four sheets of the full set of plans that constitute the whole project. They include the sail plan, when the boat in case is a sail boat, the general arrangement plan, the deck plan and the construction plan, where it is shown the list of materials employed in the construction. With these plans in hand it is possible to obtain an approximate cost of the construction. However most of this data is already published in our site, so there is not necessarily the need for the acquisition of these preliminary plans. Even so, many amateurs prefer to order the study plans before acquiring the project, most probably to be acquainted with the way we display the information contained in the plans. If you already chose which design you intend to build, it is not necessary to order the study plans first, since all the data contained in the study plan are part of the stock plan. When you acquire the full plans the value paid for the study plans will be deducted.