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Brasileirinho - Blue Water Kayak


The adventurer and rowing enthusiast Gerson Canton just received his new rowing boat of our design from Flab Boatyard,, from Campinas, state of São Paulo, Brazil. Gerson intends to cross the Atlantic with this boat, rowing from Portugal to Porto Seguro, the same landmark discovered by the Portuguese more than five hundred years ago. With two watertight compartments, when inside his tiny after cabin, he will be able to endure the worst weather, in comfort and safety.
Soon Gerson will be testing his rowing boat in the first sea trials before shipping the boat to Portugal. His intended depature from Portugal is scheduled for January 2007.
If you would like to contact Gerson, his e-mail is:

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Brasileirinho was originally a custom design. Who ordered us the project was the economist from the city of Santos, Brazil, Gerson Canton. He intends to row his boat, Brasileiro, from Lisboon to Porto Seguro, the town where the Portuguese first arrived when they discovered the new country. With a recommendation from us, Gerson obtained a sponsorship for building the boat at Flab Boatyards,, given by the boat factory owner, Flavio Antônio  Rodrigues, this sponsorship covering the whole cost of labour involved in the construction.. Notwithstanding,  Gerson still lacks funds for undertaking his planned trip, so we also offered him a sponsorship with a substantial reduction in the project fees, and he kindly offered us the design to be used as a stock plan, being from now on a property of ours. We are glad to contribute for Gerson’s expedition, once he is a determined sportsman.

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