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Multichine 41

MC 41Triunfo II and Samoa 35 Táta win the Refeno 2010 in their classes

Triunfo II, a Multichine 41 skippered by João Jorge Peralta and Táta/Dag Construtora, a Samoa 35 belonging to the doctor José Luis Couto, won the most famous South Atlantic Ocean Race, the Recife to Fernando de Noronha Island Regatta, in their respective classes, steel yachts class A and RGS class D.

João Jorge Peralta working in his boat's navigation table

Triunfo II took part in this race for the third time consecutively. However, according to his owner, the great reward he was really pursuing was not properly winning the race. For him, the true fulfillment of taking part in the event is something much more rewarding than just winning, and has different aspects: it is the 300 miles passage in tropical waters, most of the time followed by alluring dolphins playing antics alongside your boat; it is the emotion of watching Fernando de Noronha Island looming in the horizon and revealing to a stunned crew all its breathtaking beauty; it is calling at the emerald of the South Atlantic and being able to enjoy the pristine waters of its beaches, its underwater sanctuaries, its unspoiled nature and its history.

The MC41 interior is provided with two double berth private cabins, one in suite and an extra berth for a fifth crewmember.

Even though this was the boat's first victory in the race, according to Mr. Peralta, this was just a secondary goal. However, nobody deserved more this prize then he did, so stern was his determination in building a good boat, and after the inauguration, for such intensive care in keeping her Bristol shape for ocean passages. After sailing thousands of miles for the purpose of competing in the race, as far as stepping on the highest place in podium at the prize-giving party, he was third time lucky.


The other sailboat designed by B & G Yacht Design which won in its class was the Samoa 35 Táta/Dag Constructora. This yacht, however, differently from Triunfo II, is a racing machine with a long list of victories in her career. Despite being an amateur construction, and the design being from another vintage, the owner's performance-oriented mind ensured the lightest possible construction of her strip-plank sandwich hull. As a reward he produced a little rocket, the boat to be beaten in every single race he participated. José Luis also ordered us a custom designed cast lead racing fin-keel, instead of the cast iron standard keel of the stock-plan, which made his boat faster yet.

Táta/Dag Construtora sailing in the proximities of the City of Salvador, Brazil.

Táta/Dag Construtora made an outstanding career in the racing course, winning practically all the local races in which she took part, the most popular of them, the Aratu-Margogipe, a regatta with the singularity of having half its course raced upstream a large river where small historic villages of outstanding beauty lay along its margins. Táta/Dag Construtora, was the winner in her class against twenty other competitors. The total number of participants surpassed two hundred yachts.

Táta leading a downwind leg in the August 2010 Aratu – Maragogipe race.

José Luis sent us the following e-mail:
After two years away from the racing course (we used the boat for cruising along the Brazilian northeast coast in unforgettable trips) the anxiety to be back to the racing scene came in a full throttle mood. Since our boat had already proved to be very competitive, it wasn't difficult for us to obtain a new sponsor, and now she is named Táta/Dag Construtora.

We ordered a new inventory of sails, which we tried for the first time in the Aratu-Maragogipe Race, with plenty of success, beating the other twenty boats in our class, among them state of the art racing machines crewed by professionals. In short, we won in our class, also winning the first over all prize, achievements we toasted with great enthusiasm. I want to share the happiness we felt winning such a coveted prize with you from B & G Yacht design, for all the assistance you provided us during the construction and for the brilliant performance of the design.

The September 7 we went sailing to Recife, three hundred miles north, to take part in the Recife to Fernando de Noronha Race, and, as we are already accustomed, the boat behaved magnificently, but this report will be left to another e-mail when we will have the result of our entry in the race.
José Luis Couto.

Knowing how fast Táta sails,it was no surprise that she was the winner in her class on the new race. Congratulations to our friend and his crew,

There are various MC41 already sailing, as is the case of the beatifull Kalugahe, belonging to Luis Massa, a sailor from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Back to the Multichine 41 class, there is hot news coming soon, as the inauguration of the first unit of the class, in its swing keel version, built in aluminium. This boat is Bepaluhe, now in its last stages of construction at Ilha Sul Boatyard, from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


This is our newest MC 41 in the water. This superbly built steel yacht is the latest boat launched by Metallic Boats, www.metallicboats.com.br . This unit follows the standard of excellence of other yachts from this builder, especially the two MC45 Bravo and Brava.

What impressed us most was the teak planked deck laid over the deck plate. The incomparable feeling of wood when walking barefoot on deck, and the warmth and anti-skidding property of teak ensured an unique touch of class to the boat.

The furniture joiner work is also of a very high quality where only the very best tropical woods were employed.

Metallic Boats is our most active boat builder and the next steps of this boatyard are going to be the most challenging. They are concluding the construction of our Curruira 46 trawler and starting to work in the construction of the largest boat they built yet: the swing keel Polar 65, a yacht we designed having in mind those who want a boat capable of operating in any latitude.

At the same time they are starting the series construction of our MC36SK in aluminium, employing the quick assembly method of boat building. Click here to know more about the MC41 class.

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